Cox TeeDee Billit Aluminum Carb Bodies
If you are one of the flyers who use their Cox TeeDee series engine then you know the worse part of this great engine...the factory delrin plastic carb body! All it takes is one hard landing and it snaps the needle valve body off the engine. Over time the plastic degrades and the carb body splitting is also a very common problem on all Cox TeeDee engines. 

Replacing the broken part with another plastic factory piece just was not the answer to the problem. The answer is in Aeromodel Retrofitter's original aluminum carb body for your favorite Cox TeeDee engine. Aeromodel Retrofitter's original aluminum carb bodies are produced for the Cox TeeDee .049/.051, .09, .15 and coming soon the TeeDee .020. Please click the link below to go to Aeromodel Retrofitter's eBay page.

Original Aluminum TeeDee Carb Body

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